Camera turn off causes issues

I have this project

with a room divided to 4 parts.
in each part there is a camera and outside there is another camera that orbits the whole complex.

when I zoom in enough, the orbit camera turns off and the camera inside the room turns on and allow me to look around.

the problem begins as i try to implement a feature that when zooming back out (in room camera, wheel changes the FOV to speaking on FOV above curtain number) the room camera turns back off and the orbit camera turns back on.

what happens is that the room camera does not turn off in terms of visual.
it’s marked off (if i try to log its enabled, i get false), but i still see the room camera window and not the orbit camera and its scripts even respond to my wheel.
is this a bug?

Looks like when you try to exit the room, something triggers entering the room again.

Without looking at the code too closely, I would think that when you enter a room, moving orbit camera back a bit (increase the distance property so that it’s no longer within range to enter the room) would fix this issue.

you are right
the Overzoom script that defines if im overzooming or not did have some parameter set a tiny bit too close rather than tiny bit further.
thanks alot, it’s now works perfectly

however, i still got the problem that although the camera is now turned off, the scripts still respond.
is that as intended?