Camera/ rendering question

I am using models that use planes for the models, saving loads of space but still, even with that, with all the stuff in the game the computer lags, so, if the camera can’t see something, like i limit the viewing distance on the camera, will it still render what it can’t see?
Because if so, I need to find a way to reduce what is being loaded.

Are you saying you build whole level from just lots of planes? How many roughly are we talking about?

You could improve the performance of this, assuming many planes use the same material, by using batching … static ideally, if they dont need to move.

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well mostly, but can i make it where the computer doesn’t render stuff a certain distance away?
And does the instances have to be the same material?

meshes that the camera does not see don’t get rendered. For the distance - you can set the far distance on the camera, anything past that is not rendered.

For batching yes, only meshes that share materials will be batched together. They don’t all have to use the same single material, but you need small number of materials, so that there is some sharing.

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