Camera Preview disappear

I just started PlayCanvas and camera preview automatically appears in the upper corner.
It then disappear on its own. It appear again when I click the camera menu. It then disappear later.

I tried many things to get the camera preview, including trying to click the lock icon. I reset the browser, the preview come back at first. But now the reset does not work, and preview disappear permanently! How can I get it back?

Suggestion: Add a menu or shortcut to force the showing/hiding of camera preview.

Thanks for any help.

Camera preview is only shown if the camera entity is selected. The lock doesn’t save between refresh sessions.

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Thanks for the quick reply. It seems the camera preview (AND sometimes the camera gizmo itself) is acting strange.

I select the camera in the hierarchy, but BOTH the camera gizmo and the preview still does not appear. I refresh the browser and sometimes both appear again, sometimes only the gizmo appear.

Is the project public? Can you post a link to it?

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Thanks for the reply again. It was my very first project. It had only one scene with the default camera, light, box and plane. I was just playing with it. Nothing much going on when the camera gizmo/preview disappear.

The original project was deleted, I had since redo the project and encountered similar problem, but refreshing the browser seem to solve the problem.

It is one of those annoying but tolerable glitch. I am still exploring and enjoying PlayCanvas.