Camera not flying

Can you link your project, not editor so its possible I can fork it and try and see the problem?


I think I found your problem, your script is correct but you haven’t put it on your car model, I just put the script on the car model and im not sure what it looks like but just test it out!
If it doesn’t work just let me know.

no, I think this not the way, this is ok when the picker is attached to camera, but I tested with hardcoded values and yesterday it flew to given position

Isn’t the code supposed to be like that? If you coded the script?

I think you should attach the picker to the camera if it’s correct?

yes the picker is on the camera

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Then im not sure what the problem is probably @leonidas or @yaustar might help you.

hmm maybe just use the translate or translateLocal

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Could it be your script or the new engine release? (new engine release bugs?)

I think this is because it is as asynchronous because onSelect is a callback, that’s why not changing the position I must try other way
also probably I must put some flags like false then true when picked so the camera translates

this.isFlying = false;

this.isFlying = true;


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partly solved:
ok I know why the camera is not flying because I have attached the orbit camera script to camera and that’s why no flying
when I turned off orbit camera now the flyTo() works
but question is how to make it work even if it is on state of orbit camera?
Because I need orbit camera
Maybe just turn off the orbit camera dynamically when I wan to make flyTo() ?

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