Camera movement/Zoom/Rotate Controls with Touch Input

Hi ,
I am working on Orbit Camera.

I have similar requirements and most of these are achieved.
I want camera to pan with single touch input. (DONE)
I want to Zoom in/out with Pinch Zoom, two touch Input (DONE)

I want to orbit camera on two touch input but the rotation should be w.r.t to both touch inputs as shown in attached picture clock/Anti clock wise depending on the resultant angle between the two inputs. Either Zoom or Rotate should work at one single instance depending which is more relevant by input. (IN Progress)
Can you guide me in this regard?

Project Link →
Published Link → Orbit Camera - PLAYCANVAS

@Leonidas @yaustar

It’s something that you will have detect with custom code. Possibly by working out the angle between the line of the thumb to finger between frames.

You could also try using instead for gesture detection