Call for Feedback: New Animation Component

Hi everyone!

Pretty much every PlayCanvas app depends on some form of animation. Since PlayCanvas was first developed, we’ve had the pc.AnimationComponent. However, @Elliott has been developing its successor: pc.AnimComponent. He’s prepared a pull request on Github:

Since this is a major new addition to the engine API, I would encourage anybody with opinions/experience of animation to check it out. @Elliott has taken care to give a very detailed description in his PR. Take a look and leave comments/suggestions/questions. We appreciate your help and thoughts!


Is there a way to load it in the Editor from the PR?

Yes. These are the steps:

  1. Clone @Elliott’s fork of the engine on Github.

  2. Build playcanvas.js.

  3. Start a local web server (e.g. Apache) in some folder where there’s a path to playcanvas.js.

  4. Launch your scene with the following after the scene ID in the URL:


Et voilà!