Caching issue with new versions

I’m testing the game with some external users that are accessing the published version on PlayCanvas servers.

Some of them are not getting the updates, but keep running the old version, even if we are changing the Url by adding some random numbers to a fake argument.

Are you already aware of this? Do you know how to address this issue?
I don’t want to say to the players to clear the cache every time.

Are you handling out a link to your users? This link should always give you the published version

yes, I’m using[number]/
I also added ?v=[version] to avoid some browser caching, but still it worked only after the user emptied the cache.
One of them is on Safari on iPhone6.
I’ll report if this keeps happening.

Anyway, I know that the caching of the app has been improved recently. I’d like to understand better how it works.

Just one more detail that could be useful. I’m not using https, but http, as I have to connect to a webservice that currently doesn’t support https yet.