Button acts as a link?

Ok so I’m working on a reportsystem to report bug and etc.So I wanna make the button act as a link and go to that link in a new window.Btw I’m not talking about using html and css.I mean the ui button in the playcanvas editor.

Here are some links to help you out:

  1. On how to respond to click events on UI elements/buttons:


  1. On how to open a url in a new window directly from Javascript:


Any way to include a hyperlink as part of text entity in UI system?

Or would I have to layout a separate button and hookup to the event?

Hi @bjorn.syse,

Right now that isn’t supported, so you will have to enable input on a separate button and catch that event on a script. To finally do a window.open.

Good feature request though if you want to submit it in the engine repo.

Ok, thanks. Trying to figure whether I should use built in UI or HTML/CSS externaly.
Where can I submit that feature request?

Here you go, this is for things that require engine API support, like in this case:

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So I just open a new “Issue” there?

Yes, feel free, you can search through the issue list to see similar requests how they are structured.

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