Building a Library of Images for Everyone


Happy June everyone…summer is almost here!

This week we have a bunch of cool fantasy texture images. Free as always to use with attribution:

On my TXR – BRICK – Seamless page:

Some fantasy brick textures that might be useful for old or dilapidated structures.

On my TXR - GROUND page:

One that could work as a river bed in autumn…or perhaps for something else.

On my TXR – ORGANIC page:

One that could be an alien skin perhaps.

And on my ROCK/STONE – Seamless page:

Some new stone texture creations that might come in handy for pathways, buildings or other stone structures.

New sounds are on their way as well…I’ll probably post them on Wednesday. Have a good week and see you then!


Hey guys,

More fantasy texture images await you…free as always to use with attribution.


They’re pretty wild….I’d be really interested to see how someone puts these to use!


Some nasty looking stuff here…blech!


These grungy metal textures might be useful for sci-fi or urban-themed projects.

Btw, I’ve begun my quest to expand the free sound effects section of my website. Any requests?


Brand new texture images are ready for your projects on these pages:


TXR – BRICK - Seamless
Some bricks covered with moss…

Perhaps for bottom of a pond…or a walkway….

About 4,000 more images are waiting for you as well. All free to use with attribution. Enjoy and have a good week!