[BUG] Yet another suspended/interrupted audio context issue on iOS

Hi guys,
it seems the old good audio context issue on iOS is still present :slight_smile:

Sometimes audio context does not resume correctly when changing tabs or minimizing browser window. Instead, after maximizing/switching back to the Playcanvas app’ tab the context stays into ‘interrupted’ state.

How to reproduce: On older models, there is a slight delay between minimizing browser tab and the moment when sound gets actually muted. So just try to minimize Safari and then maximize it just in time (when the context gets suspended). The delay may vary, ~500-600ms for iPhone 7 and less for newer devices (see the attached video)

The only way to get audio back is resuming it manually:

Were able to easily reproduce it on older iPhones (7, SE) and on newer as well (12) and barely reproducible on new ones (13/14).

Test project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
Playable link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine