[Bug]Mouse lock strange behaviour

I don’t know if this is a bug or the intended behaviour. But when I lock the mouse, sensibility (dx and dy) go to the skies, example:

-non lock: dx= -2, dy=2;
-lock: dx=700, dy=400;

And as it seems, the mouse behaviour changes, it goes to console analog control like, the value is not actually a delta, but the distance from the center. And the value is being pushed back to the center.

(PS: all camera lock games, examples given by playcanvas shows this behaviour)

That’s really odd, this would mean the example for the first person demo wouldn’t work :thinking:

Can you try this project both in the small iframe and full window please to see if the camera works? https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/first-person-movement/

Sadly it happens the same way. I can record a video if it is better.

Yes, a video would be great. Do you have a touch screen, special mouse, software that relates to the mouse on the PC? I vaguely remember someone else having this issue on the forums.

I moved the mouse a cm in each direction basically. And no, nothing is changing the mouse behaviour. And the strange thing is. That it works fine without mouse lock.

That’s really weird as that doesn’t happen with me :thinking:

I can’t imagine what would cause that

Should I report this as a bug? How would I do that? Also, I tested this on several browsers:

Firefox: bug
Chrome: normal
Edge: normal
Internet explorer: wont let me lock

Oh, it’s only Firefox that has the issue? Report it on the GitHub page as it’s an engine issue