[BUG] Imported GLB Keeps Disappearing

I’m using the PlayCanvas glTF 2.0 Viewer to preview a exported GLB demo of mine for testing purposes.
The problem is, every time I upload/load the 3D model, it stays barely visible at runtime, than disappears completely. No errors are raised and I don’t believe it’s a 3D model size issue, because I can see the 3D model in the viewer slightly before it disappears, and it appears to be large.

Additionally, the embedded textures also don’t appear to be loading for the model, or perhaps I need to export/add some scene lights?

Perhaps my model’s file-size is too large [4mbs] and I need to compress it with Compressed Draco GLBs?

Source Link:

Preview Link:

Loads fine without animation when I use it in the Editor: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1269611

It is huge though

Looks like it’s an animation scaling issue where when the animation is played, it is scaled 100th of the size :thinking:


Oh wait, looks like an issue with the Viewer only.

Plays fine in an editor project: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Even messing with the custom ?cameraPosition=0,0,0 for the URL originally I still encountered the sizing issue. Is this there any possibility that the viewer has a bug or it is something on my end? Before creating this thread I had also experimented with larger and smaller sized versions of the model with no luck either.

Perhaps the morph-targets are not being assigned accurately automatically?

Probably a bug with the viewer. Doesn’t seem to be an issue using in a PlayCanvas project.

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Should I create an Git issue report or…?

Yes, that would be great. Please post in https://github.com/playcanvas/playcanvas-viewer

It would definitely be great. I believe @Elliott was looking at it todt.

Created Report