[BUG] Display issues on iOS

Hi all,

I’m having issues with materials and text outlines displaying incorrectly on iOS. I have attached screenshots below.

As you can see in the above screenshots there are 3 main issues. Text outlines are displaying even though opacity is set to 0, the textures at the back aren’t tilling, there is a black outline around the white line texture.

Any help is appreciated.

A bit more info.

Increasing the tiling is causing the issue on the background texture.

Hi @adam4472,

I am not sure about the text outline issue, but for the others can you try setting your non tiling textures UV address to Clamp and see if that helps?


Is it also possible to post a sample project with just a few of your assets that reproduce the issue, to take a look?

Hi @Leonidas

Unfortunately I need the texture to tile repeat, if I put the UV address to clamp it will look exactly like it does on IOS Chrome on everything.

If I were to make an assumption it appears that UV Address repeat doesn’t work on iOS Chrome.

I’ll put together a demo project when I get some time

About the text outline being visible when setting the opacity to 0: I understand you do that to fade in/out the text?

When you set it to 0 can you just disable the component or the entity and re-enable just prior fading it in?

I can do that yes but it means that the outline won’t fade properly on iOS as there will always be a remnant visible until the element is disabled.

Good point, when you get the sample project in place try raising one or more issues in the engine repo. Those seem indeed like iOS bugs: