[BUG] AnimStateGraph Unable to assign anim clip

Hello :wave:,

I am not able to apply animClip on newly created state.

So after clicking on another state and return here will show empty animClip at right side…

  • I have model with custom rig. So From setting > Disabled Hierarchy
  • Added to rig models.
  • Created and applied AnimStateGraph on 2 models.
  • Open up AnimStateGraph and added new state.
  • Then when i try to add clip from there, You can see name but it wont get apply.

(we know we can see icon if it get applied but it is showing only name)
So when i close and reopon it there is no animClip for that state.

Here is the project link.

Yep, we have a bug reported here: https://github.com/playcanvas/editor/issues/648

Looking to tackle this as part of our next big bug blitz

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