Blender to PlayCanvas Axis don't match

I am importing a series of animations from blender into PlayCanvas. I am noticing that the Blender space has the Axis oriented in different directions. In Blender, Z axis is up, and there is no way to adjust this. I have created a PC tool that will convert the animation into data, so that I can apply it to multiple objects, and step in at any point of the animation. The problem that I run into is that in PlayCanvas the Y axis is up. Does anyone have math that can convert a position in a Z-up world to a Y-up world?


If you export to FBX you can specify up and forward axis at export time.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Currently as an animation it works fine, but if I copy the data per frame and apply that to a .dae it gets all janky.

I’ve experienced the same issue.
Somehow it is rendered correctly on the playcanvas viewer.

@sooyong_Kim Are you saying that it looks correct when viewed in the viewer but not in the PlayCanvas Editor? If so, I would check any of the entity parents to see if they’ve been rotated/orientated.

yes it looks correct in the viewer.
When I replaced the glb file from the published project ( not on the editor…), the axis is wrong.

can you share the model/project?