Blender | Model&Animation | Model messed up on import

Hello everyone,

I made a character for my game (PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine) in Blender. It is rather simple, and not top-notch, just like my Blenderskills, but that’s not the point. It has an animation attached (action editor), which I need in-game.

That’s what it looks like in Blender and FBX Review (the animation playing ok):

And that’s what I get when importing it to PC via FBX. (<–My Problem)

Question: What am I doing wrong? Did this behaviour occur to someone else? Does anyone have ideas how to fix it?

P.S.: Out of desperation, I exported it as Collada as well. The model looked good, but I got no animation asset in the editor, obviously…


Exported to Collada again, activating “Export to SL/OpenSIM”, here the result:

Looking good enough (bottom right).
2 problems:

-Although I got an animation asset this time, when applying it to the model it doesn’t do anything.

-As you see in the picture, the box around the figurine behaves strangely… the left side (top left, next to the faulty model from previous post) seems to stick to that position, no matter where I move the model…