Blender 2.71 fbx exporting

I just thought I would post some info about the new Blender fbx exporter, maybe everyone has already figured this out, but it seems the exporting process forces some emissivity in some cases to models. I made a basic box with diffuse and normal textures and exported to fbx, imported to PlayCanvas, then found it really bright for some random reason…

I managed to prevent this by reducing the material’s diffuse colour in Blender (usually just straight to 0) - have no idea why it works, I just tried a load of settings and it does! Though obviously u can just reduce emissive value within PlayCanvas…

Someone seems to have made a fix here:

Hopefully 2.72 sorts this out:

Also rig animations export fine (I have one fbx file for each animation) and embedded textures work!!! Yay for Blender!

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I would like to add this link from playcanvas answers:

It might be related to this topic :wink:

PS: No, I didnt start with fbx loader yet :slight_smile: