Black pixels around png with transparency

Any way to fix this?

Is this from a sprite sheet? Can you share the original image? Is this using thin on the UI system?

Its an atlas, but the same happens with individual pngs, here’s the atlas from the screenshot!RCA3XIqb!fiW0ridtPbi5yyFSJEba7OGtIzeecT9MfYIV4NU2RaU

Tried with image element an sprites - what is thin?



I’m also experiencing the same issue.

The following settings renders the following image:

@Yohami_Zerpa Could be the filtering on the texture, try changing to point:



@Hugo_D That looks like a setup issue, try changing the channel to A

@yaustar Thanks for your answer, it’s indeed better with the channel set to Alpha!

Before ( R ) / After ( A ) :


It’s way better but as you can see there are still some random black pixels.

That worked - you’re a hero @yaustar

@Hugo_D Try doing what I suggested to @Yohami_Zerpa

Ah yes thanks, it worked. The patterns are now a bit pixelated though, I will try and play with the settings to see what works best. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Same here, looks pixelated but I’ll try tweaking things