☑ Billing question / concern

I’ve been using a personal plan for about 10 months, but won’t be needing it for a bit, so I decided to downgrade my plan from Personal to Free. When I downgraded, the effect took place immediately and my private projects were locked, instead of letting me finish out the period that I have already paid for.

Here is my bill, stating that I paid for the period between Feb 2nd to March 2nd. Why didn’t my account remain Personal until March 3rd? Or does PlayCanvas reimburse for the unused period?


This behaviour is expected, when you make changes to your plan the changes come into effect immediately. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Can you email us on billing@playcanvas.com? We should be able to help you out.


Oh! Yeah, I guess I should’ve started with e-mailing your billing department. I’m just used to checking here first :slight_smile: