Best way to orient particle system with parent

My team and I have been trying to set up a particle effect on a space ship that has basic physics. We enabled localSpace so the particle emitter would always be in the correct space on the ship as it moved, however as the ship rotates or gets hit, the emitter seemingly rotates. more likely it doesn’t rotate as it’s parent does. So, the question boils down to is there a way to keep the particle system’s rotation the same as it’s parent entity without calling setRotation every frame?

Hi @Murraybot,

I think that isn’t possible right now, from what I see, unless there is a setting that I didn’t see as well. You can try submitting an issue about it in the engine repo, it makes sense to be able to do this:

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Are you using the local velocity curve or the none local one?

@yaustar AFAIK the project is using the velocity curve last I checked. Not very sure if @Murraybot made any changes beyond this.

Yes, it’s on a curve, but all axes are set to 0 for the whole curve, for both local and regular velocity.