Best way to log player activity

For a public project, hosted on PlayCanvas, what would be the best way to log player activity to a file?

I’m building a text adventure game, à la Zork, and I want to have a way to log the game state and the player input every time the player inputs a phrase that is not recognized by the game. I’ll be able to use that data to improve the text parser after a few players have tried.

I would normally say Google Analytics, Game Analytics or anything similar would work fine if they an export to cvs feature.

Or you can see if you can find a script to add an entry into a Google Spreadsheet which would work quite well (subject to abuse though)

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@yaustar Thanks for that. I didn’t even know about Game Analytics. It looks great, and it’s free. Using the Google Spreadsheet API is also a good idea I hadn’t thought of.

You may also want to consider using something like to help hide your API key to reduce the possibility of abuse if you decide to go down the route of using Google Spreadsheet API.

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