Best water shader?

hey everyone,
whats the best solution for water atm in a 3d environment?
what ive seen so far looks a bit too toony or blurry.


Hi @linelineline,

Realistic water is usually quite heavy to render realistically, especially in WebGL running on mobile/less powerful devices.

After the Flood has one too


allright everyone, I stumbled upon this example which I find quite appealing!

however, if I lower lets say a rock onto it, the shader clips everything beneath it looking like the rock sits on top of the water. any ideas how to fix that? (see image)

Hi @linelineline,

That’s to be expected with that shader since it’s a full pixel shader, from shadertoy. It renders on a single plane both the water surface and the sea/river bottom floor.

You can’t really do anything more with it, unless you step in and rewrite some of the GLSL shader code.

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I would recommend the shader that is used in the project @mvaligursky has linked. It will allow to submerge objects to it. Not sure how transparent the water will be though there, to see the bottom, but the objects will not be cut, as in the shadertoy example.

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