Banding in directional lights - Aspect ratio issue

Hi All,
I am using the vrCamera quite a bit and noticed a couple of things. The camera clear colour changes to black when vr mode is enabled and I suffer from a lot of banding type artifacts when I use directional lighting. Did anyone else encounter this issue?

I suspect the banding artifacts are coming from the shadow mapping. Can you confirm you have shadow casting enabled on your directional light? There is currently a known issue where camera aspect ratio can exacerbate shadow mapping artifacts. @Mr_F: did you have any thoughts on resolving this problem?

Not sure what the clear color issue is. @dave - have you noticed this before?

Regarding bias issues, yes there is a bug as @will mentioned, it only affects directional light though. So spot light could be alternative and wont have such issues.
Or set up VR and change bias and normal offset to values that will give you good shadow quality.

I can confirm I have shadow casting enabled on the directional light.