Background mask

Hello, I have a background with two versions, a dark one, and a light one, please see here:
Dark version:

Light version:

I have a spot light that I’ll use to “highlight” a part of the background

Basically, I’ll use the dark background as the default version, and will show part of the light background based on where the spot light image is on (I think that’s called masking).

This is the result that I want to achieve:

Thanks in advance

Hi @Oliver1470,

So, element masking won’t be of any help to you here since it uses a single 1-bit mask and can’t do smooth transitions between your two images.

Now if I understand correctly: are your images the same exact image with a different brightness?

If that’s the case one way to solve this is to use a single image (the dark one), and add it to your element using a material. If you do that and have your element render in the World layer and in a 3D screen then the element will be affected by any light pointing at it.

That way you can easily move the spotlight and light any region of the image.

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