Avoid jumps when touching objects that are not the floor

I have an entity with collision and rigid body. Is it possible to have another entity with only collision to set when I am touching the floor? Cause if I do that with my main entity it will recognize floor everything that touches with its big collision box

Not sure if I explain myself. I mean, does it generate an event if I only set collision but not rigidbody to an entity?

If I understood you correctly, do you only want a particular collision to be ‘active’/‘enabled’ when the player is touching the floor? If that’s the case, you can just enable/disable the entity or even just the collision and physics components when player is on or off the floor.

Do you have a project or example to show what the problem is?

I don’t know if you can see this:

My problem is that I have a var to check if the pj is in the air or not. I want to put a little area in the feet of my character to check the collision with elements to make it able to jump or not. It is not detecting the collision properly and a friend told me a need to set objects as kinematic for that, but I don’t understand why. I am at work and I will try later to see if it works…


The collision box you have at the feet is without a rigidbody which is fine as this is acts as a ‘trigger’ therefore it won’t actually collide with anything but will fire events for ‘triggerentered’ and ‘triggerleave’ when a physics/trigger enters and leaves the collision volume.

There is a tutorial on this here: http://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/collision-and-triggers/