Augmented Reality

Hi. I found this project that works with the ARToolKit library. This project is already 2 years old. I have a question. Is this project still a relevant solution for augmented reality in PlayCanvas?

Until WebXR has better support, I’m not aware of a better alternative.

This is a good read:

Thanks. It is interesting to read.

Also check out 8th Wall for markerless AR. It’s meant to be engine independent but I haven’t gotten round to completing a project with it yet.

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Marker-less (SLAM) example AR project:

Image Tracking example AR project:

Hi @atomarch !

I just want to see your project but I got

“Invalid or Disabled App Key” popup error…

Hi @Jinwoo_Choi , you’ll want to clone the project and add your own app key. Please refer to

Let me know if this helps.

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Ar.js v3 now support natural feature tracking, what would be the best way to use it in playcanvas?


Ar.js v3 now support natural feature tracking, what would be the best way to use it in playcanvas?

8th wall is way too much expensive for testing

WebXR has arrived! :smile: There’s no need to use something like AR.js any more. WebXR AR support (developed in PlayCanvas by @max) now works in Chrome and Edge:

Check out @max’s tweets here:

If you want to run the samples, go here and scroll down to the XR section:

Would be great to get your feedback.

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Thank you for coming back to me.

While WebXR is a really good addup, I’m, for the moment, more interested to use the nft (natural feature tracking) that they added in AR.js. Image recognition. Actually it seem like they updated jsartoolkit5. I guess I’ll give a try with artoolkit.min.js and replace it in your playcanvas AR project (the one with hulk)

I finally got the PLaycanvas manual AR demo (little yellow eyed robot) working on device but it seems quite jittery. Any tips? I’m a free user of both Playcanvas and 8th Wall at the moment. Maybe the full version has smoother visuals?

Is there any professional solution besides 8th wall for Playcanvas to support AR. WebXR and WebJS don’t work for my clients work because of the not so sexy markers.

WebXR AR features only works on Android at the moment. iOS doesn’t support the API yet for the AR part of WebXR.

If the Web is your target platform, 8th Wall is your best bet regardless of the rendering framework.

The only alternatives I know are ARtoolkit.js and AR.js. The latter doesn’t have binding for PlayCanvas yet AFAIK.

Will this is great, but it leaves out an entire swath of the market. Most Apple users run the native(Safari) browser. Is there a timeline for when this can be resolved?


Brian Douglas

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the WebKit developers to implement WebXR. It’s not something we can do on the engine side.


In the meantime, the alternative libraries that can be used are Zappar and 8th Wall, both of which have PlayCanvas integration provided by the library developers.

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I looked at Zappar and the AR is sort of hit or miss from my tests. I started building off of the one that Will posted a few years back and it works quite well, albeit the markers are kind of garish.