Audio issue in new engine

Hi everyone. just having some issues with the new engine version, our audio doesn’t play on all browsers, it mostly won’t play actually. is there any solution to these? or we can still use the previous engine version,? PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Just tried it on Chrome 106.0.5249.103 Mac OSX, audio plays fine

we tried it on multiple PC. around 19. works on 8 and doesn’t work on 11

we haven’t had this issue before in engine 1.55.4

I’ve tried this on multiple devices

Mac OSX Firefox
Mac OSX Safari

2 x Android on different OS versions (Chrome)
1 x iOS 15 (Safari)

All played the audio fine when pressing start

If we can reproduce the issue, we can investigate but at the moment, I haven’t found a device that doesn’t play the audio