Attach sprite to node in animated imported FBX


A couple of years ago we had to access the nodes via code in order to attach entitys to animated nodes imported via FBX. Now they appear in the hiererchy and we can attach them there in the editor. I got this working with attaching simple primitives or other entitys with Render componets.

BUT, I would like to attach a sprite with a 2D animation in it. The sprite works fine on it’s own in the hierachy in world space, but as soon as I attach it to an animated node, it does not show.

Limitation or bug?



I would expect this to work. The animation on the node only changes the world matrix and nothing else … so as long as the matrix is fine, the sprite should render.

Maybe log out the matrix of its entity to see if that looks reasonable? Is it maybe backface culled or something when the matrix rotates it? Maybe it’s scaled down to very small?

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Also, capture it with SpectorJS and debug engine to see if the draw call is still there, and maybe inspect the state as well.

Thanks for confirming, I kept on troubleshooting and found the error. Completely my bad: I had marked all the assets related to the sprite, texture and everything with “Exclude”, because it initally came from another project of mine and I didn’t want to bloat the build with it. Then I wanted to try one of them for a tech test and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t show :slight_smile: