[ASSETS] Free 3D models, sprites, icons and sounds for your games! 🎉

Clo3d.com. Easy and Fast cloth creation.


Fast meshes :desktop_computer: :computer_mouse::mechanical_arm:

Stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ site for creating of fast and wonderfull models to Playcanvas It uses .obj format to export


Make sure you post the correct link @Luis_Mb.

:laughing:. Now is correct

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i have been using this

Any animations?

Adobe Mixamo animations

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For creating your own materials I found a bunch of 80 free noise textures here. They are 2048 x 2048 seamless black and white .pngs.

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The Base Mesh CC0 game ready untextured models:


sorry my school blocked those sites

Added https://polyhaven.com/

Would like to suggest this for fantastic royalty free soundtracks - https://www.purple-planet.com/.

Also, I’m quite surprised no one suggested SketchUp yet, their web tool is almost fully featured for 3D modelling on the web - SketchUp for Web | Online 3D Modeling | Browser Based Design.


Over the time I made a view scretches for prilimary use or as placeHolders…
they are available at Pinterest…:
placeholder Images

or maybe as inspearation if you need a place , a pet or a monster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

best regards :cucumber:

ps: nobody ever clicked on my classic tunes link :cry: there is good stuff, and classic sound can upgrade your game, not in a battle, unless its epic, but for a shop or a menu ? :innocent:

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thanx, I’m not really that unhappy…
I’m in the lucky condition to have some symphony ochestra
musicans to make my background musics, as long I provide
them with node sheets … and after hours of testing I find out
chello or piano didn*t nearly distgust you as fast as some others


Remember Google Poly? Poly.pizza is one of a few which try to replicate it and even carry a ton of the same models. Over 7400 low-poly models in OBJ/GLB with most (all?) CC BY 3.0 licenced.




3D models, materials and HRDI. Github project for the site (MIT) and API.

~400 CC0 Licenced assets in glTF with detailed info on each model.


Github project for the site (want to create your own 3D asset store?):

Repo for all assets and API:


oh my god…

you have just shown me the holy grail of free models…

thank you

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