Asset Store says: "You have no Projects"

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to download post process effects from the Asset Store but I do get the message “You have no Projects” when I press “Download”.

I do have projects on my own account as well as some projects on our company account (which I need to add the effect to).

A quick google search didn’t help so far.

Thanks for reading.

I think I do got the same issue a couple of days ago.

Invoking @vaios @yaustar to take a look at this.

@js-zrm what is your PlayCanvas username?

In the meantime, you should be able to grab most of the scripts or code here

I did send you a message regarding my username.
thanks for looking into that.

I don’t see anything that stands out from being wrong with your accounts (if you have any extensions enabled in your browser, might be worth disabling them to see if they are blocking API calls)

In the meantime, here’s a project with all the post effect scripts:

thanks, the store is still not working but I copied the script from your link.

@vaios Any idea what could be causing a problem here?

im having the same problem

Do you have any errors in the dev console of the browser?