Asset Hierarchy?

Is there a way to organize assets by hierarchy? For discussion lets say a project has 1000’s of assets. What would be the best way to organize those assets in playcanvas?

There is no folders at the moment, or any tree to organise your assets.
But it is split between tabs in editor, as well you have search option there, so by following some naming conventions it will be easy to find what you need.
I can see how Asset Explorer in Designer could replace actual assets tab in Project page. And would make managing assets experience better.

But that probably devs of playcanvas should say on this - if they are going to add full functionality to Assets Explorer to manage assets, and make assets tab in project page obsolete?

Organization of assets is very limited at the moment, we’ve found that we’ve been able to cope with just the list view and some careful naming of assets so far.

That said we will definitely need to add organization tools as projects grow larger. My preference is for gmail style labelling rather than folders. This means you can quickly filter assets on multiple different properties rather than having to organize things in folders.

I think the asset page in the project dashboard will always have a place. It’s currently the only place where you can see source assets. (In the Designer you are only interested in target assets as that is what is used in games).

We’ll be rolling out a re-designed project dashboard in the next month or two which will a) make everything look prettier and load faster and b) redesign some of the pages based on what we’ve learned over the last year’s usage.

Areas of particular interest will be the Assets and the Exports/Apps pages. As these are the most raw at the moment.

Suggestions welcome!

@dave I think your idea for gmail style labeling would work well and be more flexible than manually organizing folders. I would vote for that option.

As playcanvas is for artistic with tech’y skills and developers, front-end RegExp search option would be powerful tool.
Have example where with huge code base even just searching through file names, using RegExp it is much easier. And coolest bit it does not break normal search capabilities.

@moka, do you mean a search box for finding packs, assets, code files by name? Like the github search bar?

@dave somewhat yes, it allows some “funny” search, like you want search only within textures, or only things that match some regexp, like:
_normal type:texture
So it will show only textures, that match the search, this particular will find everything that contains _normal in its name and is type - texture.