Arch Viz Example - Green Wall

I have a question regarding the lightmapping example:

I see that for the lightmap you have put the floor material to white/grey in 3dsmax.
However what is not clear to me is how you did the green wall. Looking at the lightmap only it has green color bleeding. Assigning only the lightmap to the green wall does not color the whole wall green. I do that by assigning a green color to the diffuse channel.

So how is this setup in 3dsmax? Was the wall green during the lightbake? Or was the light at the ceiling turned green? Becouse it does not look like it looking at the lightmap. The ceiling light is white. This part is important for us to get that good GI color bleeding on the objects next to the colored objects.

@max Would you be able to help with this please :slight_smile: ?

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any updates on this?

The original artist that did this 5 years ago is no longer in the team so having a look with fresh eyes at the moment.

There original FBX is in the project and opening it up in a standalone FBX viewer, it looks like the material on the green wall is green, probably by diffuse colour as you thought:

So I assume the wall was green during the light bake.

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thank you very much!