AR on iOS error

So now I’ve moved on to play with AR on Playcanvas.

Aside from a bit of jitterness, Android seems to be responding as it should, however, Chrome and Safari give me errors in regards to the camera stream.

undefined is not an object (evaluating 'navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia')

ERROR: Unable to acquire camera stream

(BTW, the search bar in the forum won’t allow to search for ‘AR’, since it’s too short)

AR on iOS is only available on iOS 11. Could that causing the problem? Can you also try AR.js for comparison?

Yep, looks like you’re not on iOS 11. Can you upgrade and try again?

Hey guys, sorry for the late response.

But actually no, I’m on 11.2.5. Just to clean up I started from scratch and re-forked the project. The problem seems to be on Chrome/iOS and there is no quick way of debugging with this setup.

When I launch on Chrome/iOS nothing happens.

Does Safari work on the clean fork?

Safari does work on iOS

Does this AR.js demo work on Chrome iOS?

Looks like an issue with Chrome on iOS. Unfortunately, only recommendation here is submit a feature request/bug to the Chrome team :pensive: