AR not working?

I’ve forked the AR project added my own little dude and see if it would work out of the box, and when I load the project on my phone its just a blank screen (the default playcanvas dull green background)

But when I open the original project, it works. What’s the issue?

Was it working for anyone else?

I have the same problem sometimes. Just try on a different browser window or a different browser altogether.
That works for me. BTW what platform are you on? I’m not sure whether it works on Android 9 Pie.

I’m on the latest one I think. I have an Samsung Galaxy Note 9

My Pocophone F1 running android pie also doesn’t work with playcanvas AR very well. Can you try on an older android device or a new iOS device? AR works perfectly on my Moto G5S Plus that runs android 8.1 oreo. I don’t think the AR tech is optimized for newer operating systems like android pie and iOS 12.

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I get a 404 on the project link?

Thie link was to settings here’s the link

Still 404, is the project private?

yea it was! lol not anymore :wink:

Works fine as is on my Samsung S7. Might be worth checking if the camera permissions have been allowed on the site on your mobile. If I blocked camera permissions on my S7, it would give that dull grey screen that you described in the first post.

I’ll take a look thanks you!

I don’t think it’s due to camera permissions. Camera permissions are enabled on my Pocophone F1 but it’s still not working.