Apply momentum to an impulse

Perhaps I did not express my question correctly, so I will try this another time:

I want to add some realism to my shooting mechanic. Namely, I want to apply my momentum from my movement to the bullet. If not too complex, I’d also let the bullet’s path be influenced based on the rotation at the moment.


  1. If I shoot while moving forward, the bullet should get farther. If I move backward, the bullet shouldn’t get very far.
  2. If I shoot while jumping, the bullet should get higher.
  3. Shooting while going sideways should influence the bullet’s movement respectively
  4. If we can get extra cool tonight, the bullet should swirl in the direction I’m turning (up, down and diagonally as well).

Just so you don’t ask questions concerning the bullet itself, here are the bullet’s properties that I’ve already implemented:

  1. You can think about the bullet I’m talking about as a tennis ball. Ergo, it has a dynamic rigid body, not a kinetic one.
  2. I give out an impulse on the bullet when I shoot it out.

Again, big thanks in advance and afterwards

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