Application slowing down


Sorry to bother you but when I launch my application, sometimes it is slowed down, like lagging. However, I do not believe I use the full potential of PlayCanvas. I believe it can happen because of memory leak or delta time update change. Would it be possible to have help ? Here is a link to my project. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Thank you!

You can record a performance log in the Chrome dev tools for the time period when you are experiencing the lag, save it, and attach here. I didn’t notice any obvious lags on my PC.

Hi @Ougogogadget! Did this start today? I have notice some lag today, assuming this was caused by my project.

Does this help you? It is really lagging for me, I thought maybe it was coming from using setTimeout function which could have an impact on the delta time of update? But I do not really know, hope you can help. Thank you

Looking at the times at the top of the graph, it looks flat so it shouldn’t slow done as you play. Generally the graphs look fine

You can save the log, and attach here, so we could look into it in our browsers.


Make sure you are recording the period when you have a slow down / lag that you were mentioning. If you record any other period of time, the log will not show anything useful.