app.renderLine with multiple viewports

Hi guys,

I’m currently using renderLine to draw some debug display, but when I’m using multiple viewports, it seems to be rendered only to the last viewport. Is there a way to change this behavior?



Hey. Currently it is a limitation indeed. They are meant for debugging only. There is a github ticket for this:

Hi Max!

Thanks :slight_smile: I guess in the meantime I will use triangles, a thicker line would have been appreciated anyway :slight_smile:


Regarding thicker lines, you probably want to implement own line rendering, and for rendering lines in actual game especially.

renderLine uses GL line thing, with immediate rendering array, which will lead of more arrays and buffers being created/thrown away, for simplicity during debugging.
But thickness for this line is dictated by support of hardware and drivers, and that unfortunately is bad: for example only 24% of devices support 8 pixels line weight. So in production this is not viable.

Thanks! That’s why I was considering:

Anyway, I’m probably not releasing my demo, I just need it to work long enough to record videos for my presentation next Tuesday :slight_smile:

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Where you will be presenting, and what is the demo you making as part of it?

GDC, I have a talk about NPC sensors. I just built these simple scenes to demonstrate visually some concepts I’m trying to explain :slight_smile:

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@dave will be at GDC as well, you might want to meet and chat :wink:

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Awesome! And thanks to Will my presentation looks much nicer in reveal than it did in powerpoint :slight_smile:

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I have received an invite to visit a stand in GDC too but CA is a bit too far from Italy to attend, i would love to see that at last once in my life so enjoy GDC for me as well…will be there in soul :smiley: …wish u best luck at GDC @emartelAI

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Thank you @ayrin :slight_smile: Hopefully you can make it next year!