Aphrodite Text Input Plugin Used

In Sample demo Keyboard gets closed if I click outside,

Inside My project
1.Mobile keyboard doesn’t get close if I click outside of Input field using purchased files.
2.Numeric keypad doesnt popup for input text field type numbers

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That seems to work on our Android and iPhone devices here, but that behavior may change from browser to browser and sadly we don’t have control over it. The script fires indeed the input event to stop the focus that close the virtual keyboard.

We don’t have support for that, the numeric attribute only validates and accepts numbers for the input value. It will not right now revert to numeric virtual keyboard.

I will add this as a feature request in our track so we can see if we can add it.

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Using chrome only I am using 2D screen

Can you give a try on the example we’ve sent you with the purchase, if that works on your phone?

Yes its working in Provided demo so thats why my team pucrhased this awesome plugin

Then most likely it’s something with your setup, try following the way the elements are structured in the original example.

If you keep having trouble try contacting us on our support email: https://pic.pirron-rodon.one/

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