aoSpecOccSimple will multiply the AO-value twice?

Hello developers, I am confused for the specularOcclusion()…

void occludeSpecular() {
    float specOcc = dAo;
    dSpecularLight *= specOcc;
    dReflection *= specOcc;

vec3 combineColor() {
    return mix(dAlbedo * dDiffuseLight, dSpecularLight + dReflection.rgb * dReflection.a, dSpecularity);

As the code shows, dReflection.a will be multiplied by the ao, At last:
dReflection.rgb = dReflection.rgb * ao * dReflection.a * ao … Does playcanvas do this on purpose?
Why dont we just only multiply the dRefelction.rgb with ao and leave along the reflectivity…

thanks very much!!! :beer: