Anyway to export unity3d model and material to playcanvas?

I have a legacy unity3d project need to convert to playcanvas version, unity3d could export the model to 3 files:

the problem is, “xx.asset” seems to be unity3d’s private file format(YAML with binary content in it) and can not recignized by playcanvas, so the mode and material not displaying right in playcanvas.
I am sure “xx.asset” is the key here, because without the file, the mode in unity also not displaying right.

is there any converting too or method I could workout this?

I searched and seems there is tools for threejs:

how can you be so sure…

I actually just did it with ObjExporter…

thanks for the explanation, the information I need for the material to fit in the obj is within the file “xx.asset”, and the tool helped me convert it to “xx.mtl”, which works perfectly in playcanvas :slight_smile: