Anyone wanna collaborate? (Minotaur Maze Game)

I am new to this site, so I don’t really know what I’m doing with scripts. I’d like to have someone who could help me with the following:

  1. Make it so when I press W,A,S, or D, the footstep sound effect plays.
  2. Make a script that enables the Minotaur to follow you and chase you, (kind of like Slenderman)
    and 3) Be able to make it so when I click on an item in the game, (while playing), it disables that item, but enables the one that is in my hand, (making it look like we picked it up).

If anyone can help me out please do! I really have no idea where to start with any of these.

I can help with some scripting.

What kind of scripting?

JavaScript to make the game work.

No I mean what could you help me with on the scripts that I’m in need of?

Moving, text guis, button guis…

I got the moving down for the character…but if you would be able to get text in the game that would be great! So would you be able to make a menu for the game?

Yes. I can make a basic menu.

Ok I’ll add you to the project…it’s not fully finished yet, so don’t judge haha.