Anyone has proposals for storing maps?

I’m making a tiny Game for Winter Jam 2020 RockToss
It comes along with a map creator. Every map is encrypted
into a simple String of only a few k. Could make them Json,
if that would be better.
Does anbody have a nice suggestions where or how these
could be stored away? :slight_smile:
I’m using playFab for it’s Leaderboard, but there would be
to much messing arround with access, if any other than me
would ever store a map.
I’m to dump to do anything with GitHub, thats only for clecer
Folks like you… :smiley:
Thanks Gurki

Hi @Gurki,

One of the easiest databases that I’ve worked with is firebase, if you would like to give it a try. Especially their Realtime DB is basically plain JSON, and their free plan quite generous.

Good luck with your game!

many Thanx

will give it a try … :slight_smile:

Do not really need luck for my game, it’s leacky and ugly so no expectations.
But I’d tried something, learned a lot and had much fun…
So I’m a winner allready :slight_smile: