Any reason for Sprites Not Rendering?

I am wondering if there is a checklist to go through if a sprite doesn’t render at run time, i tried rotating it, moving and scaling it but no luck.
I put it in an empty scene
I just followed directions in the example here:
also the directions on the github here:

I’m unclear as far as supported image format & best practices and settings, but I’m guessing if a browser can display the image playcanvas can too? Sometimes there is pvrtc compatible, square textures only, power of two, etc?

Can you link to the project where the sprite is not displaying? It’d be much easier to diagnose then. :smile:

thanks! Also if you can advise as far as debugging practices…should I just use the developer tools in browser? or manually log stuff during run time? Or any recommended tools/workflow that I might be missing out on? Playcanvas is rapidly growing on me.

…oh note that my webserver has the missing video file as thats where I’ll place final project …

We generally use Chrome Debugging tools, though FF ones are great too. console.log is very useful too :smile:

There are a lot of WebGL errors in that scene, though I suspect that is the missing video file?

Looks like maybe you have the width and height of the sprite set to 0? Also worth checking that it is being drawn onscreen (x, y co-ords).

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Awesome. I was using parent entity scale and not the scale in the sprite attributes. I guess there is no connection? i.e. If the parent script scales or moves the child doesn’t.

Yeah, I don’t believe that script includes the entity scale.