Animation State Graph bug

Hey guys,

I am working on creating a third person character controller. I was working on Anim State Graph and I wanted to delete a transition from one animation state to another but I couldn’t. Then I noticed these errors on the launch window:

When I went back to the editor I saw that I couldn’t see the character model even tho everything were in place. I reloaded everything, closed and re opened the project but still the same issue. In addition, now the project doesn’t even launch.

Any ideas? :thinking:

Here is a link to the project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

any thoughts @Elliott ?

That’s weird, I can’t even open the Anim State Graph asset :thinking:

Somehow the asset has corrupted

An update:

I created a new project and did the same steps. I ended up getting a bug where I can’t select the transition arrows when I add a third state in the graph. In the editor I get this error:

When I close and re open the state graph I can select the transition arrows as expected.

I hope it helps.

Hi @Christina,

It looks like there is a reference in the state graph to a transition that no longer exists. I’d suggest for the time being to get the project back into a working state by deleting the asset and rewriting the graph. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this causes! When I have a free cycle i’ll dig into what’s causing the corruption.

@Leonidas Thanks for the investigation! There definitely seems to be some weird UI behaviour surrounding transition selection.

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Thank you @Elliott !