Animation Blending Not Working

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Hi all,

Despite using a similar script like the animation tutorial, my animation does not work on key press. Please help!


Seems to work for me when I press ‘P’. Did you fix it?

Yes, I’m extremely sorry for having posted this message, my internet connection stopped working, so I couldn’t tell the community earlier. There is another problem though. Whenever I activate the project, playbot is white, and I need to change shading each time upon opening the game. Is there a way to fix this?

@dave Presumably this is the bug related to assets sourced from the Store appearing untextured?

This bug isn’t there for the playbot when I created a new account and forked the project from my old account and reimported the playbot asset. Is it because I am close to my maximum storage as a free user? However, the bug remains when I imported the concrete barrier into my game.