Animated Sprite slowly gowing down

Whenever I click “start” on my “user interface” scene, my character on my game slowly goes down… but then it stops… how do I get rid of that “moving downward” motion. Can anyone please help me on this?

Here’s a link of my game to further visualize what I’m trying to say

This requires more understanding about how scene loading works which is explained here: Loading Scenes | Learn PlayCanvas

TLDR, your character is going down due to gravity.

On the main menu, the scene settings has gravity set to -9.8.

When you load the game scene, you are only loading the scene hierarchy which means that the scene settings of the app still has gravity set to -9.8 instead of 0

You will need to load the scene hierarchy and the scene settings. The documentation has projects and a helper script to make this much easier for you to do.