Anim System Issues


I ran into some issues while using the new anim system:

  1. Animation Events triggering twice
    Having an animation event at position 0 triggers it twice on non-looping states.
    I’ve included a sample project where a sound plays at the beginning of a non-looping animation

  2. Unable to leave non-looping state
    I’m unable to exit a state with a non-looping animation when the exit time is set to 1

  3. Unable to transition after anim reset
    Resetting anim component with anim.reset() makes it impossible to change state with booleans. (this might be intended?)

For the first two issues it seems the animation time is rewinded to 0 on animation end although the animation stays correctly in its last frame. If you trigger another animation while the non-looping exit 1 animation hasn’t finished the state transitions correctly to the new one once the non-looping one reaches its end.

Example Project:


Hi @Adolar13,

I didn’t have time to thoroughly check your project, calling @Elliott in case he can be of help.

Hey @Leonidas, thanks and no worries, I’ve got workarounds for those for the time being, just felt it should be reported. :slight_smile:
For anyone else running into this:

  • setting the event to time 0.02 won’t retrigger it on animation end
  • not setting an exit time for the non-looping animation makes it possible to leave its state (you could probably also add an additional exit state after the animation if you need it to complete playing before transitioning)
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Hi @Adolar13 - could you please create an issue here for this:

Elliott is on holidays for another week, so won’t be able to respond before then. And we don’t want it to get lost.

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Hi @mvaligursky - will do when I find some time today. :+1:

Repro and ticket for 1:
Repro and ticket for 2:

I don’t understand 3 though, would you be able to write up a ticket and repro steps like the above tickets please?


Thanks for the reports, @yaustar.
Herer is the ticket for 3:

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