Ammo out of memory

no frame buffer picking, but area picker, do you have the link?

area picker and framebuffer picker is just two names for the same thing.

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I tried that, but still need to add the collision one by one. The only way that workied is add the mesh.json as the collision. But I need an easy way to do this.Can you help me? I’m trying to edit my ammo, but it’s a bit hard for me.

And I tried to add the script from github, but it’s not working, That’s why I’m trying to find the editor of “area picker”. Do you know if exists the editors link?

The link to framebuffer picking that was shared has a tutorial project that uses the area picker.

I will try it here! my objective is something like this: PlayCanvas glTF Viewer
I want to do an app to visualizate and get some infos about the towers, do you know something close of this? I need to display the mesh name (the name of each part), outline the part, a textbox that follows the mouse and show some informations about metal compositions and etc with mouseclick event.

our glTF Viewer is open source, you can fork it / modify it to your needs

Find, now I will try to use it.