Ammo.dcab07b.js included in build for no reason

When running my project the file “ammo.dcab07b.js” is included even though Ammo is not imported in the project. I’m not using any colliders or other physics related components. Is there anything else that could potentially trigger it to load?? It’s not included when running an empty project.

Hi @MrOliv,

Is it by any chance an older project? That file is an older version of ammo that was loaded automatically by the launcher, not included as an asset.

It’s a brand new project. I’m using 8th Wall for AR tracking so I suspected their engine might be using it, but even after I deleted 8th Wall’s stuff the ammo file is still loading. Well, no big deal I guess.

@yaustar any idea?

Would you be able to share the project, provide repro steps or provide a fork of your project with all the sensitive material removed for me to look at please?

I started to delete stuff in the project until the ammo file would stop loading, but now the project is completely empty and the file still loads :smiley:

Here’s an export:

Here’s the project:

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Thanks for that, that really helps.

A long time ago, Ammo was loaded via a project setting tickbox and there is something in place in the boilerplate loading code that checks for that, and adds the Ammo WASM file.

However, that was replaced with the current Ammo loading system you see now.

Buuut, it seems like the option is no longer there to untick and forked projects that use the old system will still use the old system which is what happened here.

To ‘fix’ this, in the Editor page, open devtools and paste the following in console and press enter'settings:project').set('use3dPhysics', false)


Wooaah! A secret trap door!
You’re right, I started the project just a few weeks ago, but I did fork it from 8th Wall’s example project, I totally forgot about that.
Thanks for the digging!

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I will notify the 8th Wall team about that project and see if it needs updating

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