Align objects together by selecting multiple objects

Hi there,

Its often the case that I have created an object in the editor and then I wish to add another object on top of this one or to the right of this one.

For example, I wish to create an archway, so I first create a box on the left, add another box for middle and a box on the right, but they do not match up. Its slightly time consuming to align them together by editing the x value and scale in the editor.

What would be ideal is if I could select multiple objects and then click something which snaps them together as a single object and all spaced from in-between have been removed.
Even better would be the ability to set the space between objects.
I’m thinking of something like the alignment feature in microsoft visual studio when aligning controls on a dialog or form.

Thanks, Philip

For example, this arch, I have to close the gap on the top right: